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I am honored to be the Chair of the 2019 United Way Campaign, and I am excited to kick-off this year’s fundraising efforts.  With the exception of the years I was away at college, I’ve lived in Licking County my entire life, and I’ve been giving to United Way my entire career.  But it wasn’t until I was asked to get more involved as the Education Division Chair for the 2018 Campaign, and to join the Board in 2019 that I really began to understand the impact that United Way of Licking County is having in our county and all of its communities.  That new-found knowledge has me, a life-long educator, excited to share with my fellow citizens the great and important work that is being done by United Way staff, volunteers, and our funded partners throughout Licking County to address our society’s most challenging issues, from homelessness, to drug addiction, to providing abused and neglected women and children with refuges and opportunities to improve their lives, to providing summer learning and growing experiences for our youth.

            As an educator, I’ve always believed that the answer to solving most problems is education.  That’s why I am excited for this opportunity to share with our community the incredible work that is happening as a result of our community’s generous and ongoing financial support of our local United Way.  I truly believe that when we help people understand the challenges and the means for addressing those challenges, and we share how these challenges are being met right here in Licking County, how lives are being changed for the better, thanks to United Way and its funded partners, that participation in the United Way annual fundraising campaign is a no-brainer!  Won’t you join me in supporting this vitally important community organization?  I hope that you will find a way to Live United by contributing to the 2019 campaign either through a direct contribution or via payroll deduction.  And you are going to want to purchase a Pot Gold raffle ticket when you get the opportunity so that you have a chance to win at every drawing! 

            I’ll be on the campaign trail for the remainder of 2019, alongside the United Way staff, volunteers, loaned executives, and the 2019 Campaign Cabinet.  I’m looking forward to Living United with all of you here in Licking County in 2019 and beyond! 

Dave Hile, Campaign Chair





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