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The United Way Of Licking County website has been designed with accessibility and web standards in mind. Specifically we have considered, and made efforts to comply with, Section 508 standards as they apply to web systems. Our website has been designed with at least the following Accessibility guidelines:

  • The standard typefaces used on this site have been selected to provide optimal legibility on most devices.
  • Wherever possible we use live text instead of graphics to ensure readability by assistive software, and also to optimize download times.
  • Where appropriate we have included meta information on images and hyperlinks to provide written descriptive text.
  • Responsive design techniques are used to render this website in the most usable way on a variety of screen sizes including mobile devices.
  • Navigation links are textual and located near the top of the page for recognition by assistive software, and can be cycled through using keyboard tab keys.
  • A skip to content feature has been included.
  • The website can be used in dark mode on any device by clicking the half moon icon at the top of the page.
  • A floating back to top button has been included to quickly return to the top of any page.
  • Forms include label elements.
  • An accessibility toolbar has been made available which provides tools for the visibility of text.

Accessibility Toolbar

An accessibility toolbar has been made available which allows users to customize the site to their preferences. The toolbar is available by clicking on the accessibility icon anchored to the right hand side of the screen. Preferences will be remembered for up to 24 hours for each device.

  • Text can be resized (increase/decrease)
  • Website colors can be muted to grayscale
  • Negative contrast mode to invert colors
  • High contrast mode to more easily distinguish between elements
  • Light Background to remove colored backgrounds
  • Links Underline to identify clickable elements
  • Readable Font switches all text to a simple to read font
  • Link to Sitemap / Feedback / Help pages

Should you have any difficulty using our website please contact us.


For the security of this website, all forms are protected with a captcha checkbox provided by hCaptcha. This protocol is intended to stop bots from filling out our forms. It uses a simple visual test of identifying images. However, since not every person can solve these visual challenges there is an alternative option.

If you are not able to solve the hCaptcha puzzles on this website, then visit the hCaptcha website here: and follow the instructions for “If you are an accessibility user”. This will allow you

How it works: first, an accessibility user signs up via the accessibility signup page, which is prominently linked in the hCaptcha widget info page. They are given an encrypted cookie that can be used several times per day, but must be refreshed periodically via login.

When a challenge is presented to an accessibility user on a site using the hCaptcha service, they will automatically pass.

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