Lakewood Schools

Yeah!! A dry morning. I had coffee and breakfast with the Lang’s and then packed up my tent. Leigh Ann arrived and then pointed me in the right direction. We had a few hours to walk before I had to arrive at the Linville Christian Union Church to speak.

At the church I was greeted by Pastor Mark Springer and some of the parishioners. There was time for coffee and fellowship before the service began and then I spoke during the worship service about our United Way Priorities and the 50 day walk.

After church I headed back to meet the Wolfords where I would be spending the rest of the day.

David and Margaret are both retired teachers in the Lakewood School District. It was neat to talk with them about all the changes that they have seen in education since they began their careers.

John Klauder, our United Way board president, came by to check on me later in the afternoon. John has been fully engaged during this 50 day journey. What a blessing!

Continue to follow Deb on the 50 the United Way journey. To donate toward 50 the United Way go to

#GiveWalkDo50 #LiveUnited

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