National Road

I woke up to another dry sunny day…two in a row. Wow! Made the usual cup of coffee and then spent some time catching up on administrative work. I thanked Jeff Wilson for letting me camp out at his place. Jeff will soon roll into the president position on our board. It is wonderful to be able to work with a volunteer board of committed and caring individuals.

After I left Jeff’s it was time to head west on State Route 40. There were some long hills to walk and enjoyed thinking about how valuable this National Road has been for many generations. We stopped by the Eagle’s Nest marker to take a picture and to read up on some of the history of the road. I encourage you to stop by the next time you’re driving out that way.

We continued our walk west on Route 40 until we reached Sand Hollow Road. From there it was uphill until we reached the Sand Hollow Winery owned by Jim Young. Wow! What an absolutely beautiful location for this winery

Around dinner some more of the staff came out to enjoy the view from the winery patio. We enjoyed learning about the wine process and sampling some of the products that are offer to their customers.

Despite the rain that evening. There were many who stayed for the evening enjoying the view, the wine and conversation. This is a definite destination must for anyone who enjoys wineries. Around 10:00 p.m. it was time to walk through the rain toward my tent and call it an evening.

Thanks Jim for hosting me at this beautiful location.

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