Dry Morning & Bookmobile

I woke up to a dry day….this hadn’t happened for quite some time. I got up stoked the fire from the night before, made coffee and began to pack up. Luellen arrived at 9:00 a.m. and then it was time to hike toward Flint Ridge Quarry and Nature Preserve. I arrived at Flint Ridge shortly after 10:00 a.m. where Tim Jordan the site manager was leading a tour for kids from Liberty Christian School from Pataskala. What a wonderful ancient historical place. Early Native Americans quarried flint from the area well over 14,000 years ago, making this area a hub of activity and industry long before the term industry was even thought of. We are so blessed to be able to have this site in Licking County and how wonderful that so many kids from the area are able to travel to Flint Ridge to bring their history lessons to life. If you haven’t visited Flint Ridge….I encourage you to make the time and take the trip.

Before leaving Flint Ridge I had the opportunity to talk with the students about my walk and answer some questions.

I had a few people that walked with me from Flint Ridge toward my destination in Gratiot. Thanks Deb Tegtmeyer, Rennie Bare and Kathy and Mike Wesley for joining me in a sunny walk in Hopewell Township.

Along the way we stopped to take a picture with one of the many drivers of the Licking County Aging Program Meals on Wheels. United Way provides funding for this nutrition program that provides meals to over a 1000 seniors in Licking County each day. For many of our seniors this is the only meal they may have and the only way that they will have contact with another person each day. We are truly blessed to have this program in our county to help our seniors in this way.

We arrived at the home of Jeff Wilson, a United Way board member, in the afternoon. After pitching my tent and taking a shower I walked back down to Gratiot where I met the Licking County Library Bookmobile. My friend Dana Decker who loves the Bookmobile met there to say hello.

Then it was off to ride the book mobile’s route for the evening.

We made 3 stops after Gratiot. At each stop people were waiting to return and check out materials from the bookmobile. Brock, the Bookmobile Librarian, knew most of them by first name. These folks look forward to the regular visits from the Bookmobile since there are no libraries in their communities. One woman even told a story about her son taking his first steps on the Bookmobile and how she considers the Bookmobile her second home. What an awesome resource this is for Licking County. Everybody take note and check out the Bookmobile traveling to a location near you.

We finished our route by 7:30 and then the Brock drove me back to Gratiot.

Back at the Wilson household an invitation was extended to my whole family to join us for a yummy lasagna dinner. We talked until after dark and then it was time for me to hit the sleeping bag to end another day. Thanks Wilson’s for hosting me at your house.

Continue to follow Deb on the 50 the United Way journey. To donate toward 50 the United Way go to

#GiveWalkDo50 #LiveUnited

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