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I woke at Camp O’Bannon. It was still drizzling but I was determined to finish putting in the garden for Ted. At the Camp Lodge Ted welcomed volunteers who were there for the work day. We had donuts and coffee and then it was time to get the volunteers going. I headed out to the garden where I was joined by a few other volunteers who would be helping that day. Together we finished putting in the garden.

After I finished working in the garden it was time to pack up my bag and tent and be on the road once again. After I said goodbye to Ted and Camp O’Bannon I was on my way to Marne United Methodist Church.

On my walk I was joined by Dave Doney from WNKO Radio who interviewed me along the way. Dave is a member or the Newark Kiwanis that heavily supports Camp O’Bannon. I always enjoy being interviewed by Dave who always helps the process go smoothly. We are thankful for WNKO and their support of United Way in Licking County.

After the interview, Dave headed back to his day and Mary Kay Martin came out again to escort me the rest of the way to Marne. We walked on one of the many Licking County bike paths all the way. We enjoyed the walk and before you know it we were at Marne United Methodist Church. Once we reached the church Mary Kay jumped on her bike which she had left there earlier and headed home. Thanks again Mary Kay for walking with me.

At Marne United Methodist Church we were joined by Dave Warner, one of the pastors, and some of the youth for a lock-in. That evening we talked about poverty and homelessness. We even had a contest to see who could build the best shelter out of cardboard boxes and a tarp.

After we had some activities I led a Bible Study and then it was time to head outside to sleep. It was a very cold night with frost everywhere. It was an opportunity for many of the kids to experience what it might be like for a homeless person to sleep outside in the cold. Overall it was great evening and everyone learned something.

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