Camp O'Bannon

Mary Kay and I woke up early just after the rain stopped. We packed up our tents and then were joined by her friend as we walked to our next destination at Camp O’Bannon.

We enjoyed our walk to the camp. Once there we were greeted by the long time camp director Ted Cobb. Camp O’Bannon is one of our funded programs. The camp has been serving the children of Licking County since 1922 and has never charged a kid to go to camp. The camp serves underprivileged kids that come recommended by teachers and school counselors from the local school districts. The camp has some very long standing traditions that bring kids back to camp each year often inspiring them to come back as they are older to work as counselors. Ted has the perfect camp director personality and is able to roll with the flow each day as there are truly no two days alike at camp. Ted and Camp O’Bannon is a gift to hundreds of kids throughout Licking County who so desperately need a place and opportunity to escape many of the poverty stress related environments that they live in each day. At camp the kids get to be kids all the while being surrounded by unconditional love and respect. Ted, thank you oh so much for what your do for our kids!

Ted was preparing for a big volunteer work day for tomorrow. Ted knew that I liked gardening so he asked if I would be in charge of planting a garden at the camp so that the kids would enjoy growing and harvesting produce throughout the summer. I of course accepted the offer and spend the rest of the afternoon into early evening digging the soil and planting vegetable plants and seeds until dark.

After the gardening Ted fixed dinner. We enjoyed the evening before it was time to hit the tent.

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