Lattice of Snacks & Hope

I woke up early at the Tilton Hollow Farms. I could tell the rain was rolling in so I packed up my tent and pack and waited for Luellen to show up and point in the direction for the day.

I enjoyed the scenery along the way and a brief stop in the historic cemetery in Perryton.

I arrived at the Perryton United Methodist Church in the afternoon and hung out while some of the ladies prepared for dinner. When 5:00 p.m. came people started rolling in for dinner. After dinner I had the opportunity to give a presentation and a time for a lot of questions concerning United Way and the issues that we will be addressing through our community blueprint.

The evening wrapped up around 8:00 and then the ladies cleaned up the kitchen. I could tell that they had definitely done this a time or two. They all worked together like a well oiled machine and before you know it the kitchen was right back in order. I am convinced that if we got enough church basement kitchen ladies together we could solve all of our hunger issues. Thanks Perryton United Methodist Church kitchen ladies!

Continue to follow Deb on the 50 the United Way journey. To donate toward 50 the United Way go to

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