Mother's Day in Fallsbury

Happy Mother’s Day! What a beautiful sunny morning. It was nice to wake up and see my family and friends before they all packed up and I prepared to start walking again. The area where we had camped was as about as picturesque as it comes.

Luellen arrived to point me in the right direction. I had a about a 4 hour walk to Tilton Hollow Farm. I enjoyed some really beautiful country in Fallsbury Township.

At Tilton Hollow Farm I was greeted by Jeff Wince and Chad Snelling who have lived there for about 5 years. They are committed to preserving the history and integrity of the farm that was built in 1823 by John Tilton. Chad and Jeff are raising many animals as well as running a soap and salve business using the milk from the goats they raise. They have found that starting a small business on their farm can at times be very challenging but also very rewarding. They both feel blessed to live in the location where they are and hope that Tilton Hollow Farm will become a community hub and resource in Licking County.

At the Tilton Hollow Farm John Klauder also popped in to say “Hi” and to see yet another beautiful destination in Licking County.

After John and Luellen left me for the night, Chad and Jeff invited me to dinner. We had a wonderful meal and a lot of great conversation until late in the evening. I’m glad to have gotten to meet Jeff and Chad and wish them all the best with their goals and dreams for Tilton Hollow Farm.

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