Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

In the morning, the Pastor invited me over to his house for breakfast and a shower. I was very thankful for his hospitality. The shower was warm and the breakfast was filling. After I ate, I loaded up the pack and was off again.

I had about an 8 mile walk to Northridge High School. It rained at the beginning of my walk but soon the rain stopped and it got a bit warmer. I enjoyed the scenery as I was walking and had a few people who pulled up their cars to make a donation along the way. I hope everybody had a chance to get outdoors today and to enjoy, give thanks, and remember the importance of being good stewards of our natural environment.

I arrived at Northridge High School in time to talk with students and their parents participating in a girls’ softball game. Northridge was playing Heath! I cheered for both teams. After a quick presentation I was invited to throw out the first pitch. Clearly pitching is not one of my gifts, but they were very forgiving.

After the pitch I was once again on my way. I had another 3 -4 miles to hike to Morris Woods Nature Preserve. I arrived there shortly before dark in time to set up my tent and cook some dinner. Sheena, who is our IT and website designer, camped out this evening with me. It was a good evening to camp out in the woods and a nice way to end Earth Day! Sheena even brought a seed paper full of flowers to plant, which we received from The Center for Disability Services.

As I fell asleep in my tent, I could hear a chorus of spring peepers. Their song continued all night long! Nature makes beautiful music inviting us to move to its rhythms!

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